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Total Bristol’s Apple Day Big Breakfast

Down at Total Bristol we decided the best way to celebrate Apple Day was to throw one of our legendary Big Breakfasts to raise funds for our good friends at The Nicola Corey Support Foundation. Local legend Adrian Kirikmaa & […]

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What Are Coco De Paimpol?

Coco De Paimpol are arguably the most delicious of all the fresh or semi-dried beans, what the Americans call a shelling bean. The beans have an unusually thin skin and a very creamy flesh that our grower chum Philippe describes […]

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Cooking With Squashes – Romy Gill MBE

Romy Gill’s food may be Indian but at her restaurant in Thornbury it’s local produce that’s mostly on the menu. In this video Romy is cooking with Crown Prince squash grown by Phil Collins at his farm in Bromham, less than twenty miles […]

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