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The Total Produce Market Report April 2021

Spring is in the air and we all have good reasons to be more cheerful about the months ahead! As a result, here are some things to whet your appetite and to help you plan your menus.

This time of year sees the seasons change and so over the coming month, we will see much more exciting UK grown produce.

Read on to see what’s in store. As Nessa from Gavin and Stacey would say “What’s occurring”!

The Total Produce Market Report March 2021

This month it is all about looking forward, with summer edging closer each day there are some terrific early summer produce starting to appear.

March can also have its seasonal pitfalls with a few products in transition. So, with all this in mind read on to see what lies ahead.

The Total Produce Market Report February 2021

In the “Month of Love” we will see a few small hints of Spring arriving as well as some classics showing a bit of value. So, to find out about the early signs of a seasonal cult classic to making use of a common or garden root…. Please do read on.

The Total Produce Market Report January 2021

With the uncertainty over Brexit and tougher lockdown restrictions throughout the hospitality industry, it is like trying to navigate your way around a SAS assault course blindfolded when penning our January market report.

One standout product in January is Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb. This truly majestic product always adds a vibrant and tasty addition to any seasonal menu.

The product is traditionally grown and picked by candlelight, the long and somewhat laborious task of “forcing” originated back in the 1800s to provide extra fruit throughout the winter months.

The Total Produce Market Report December 2020

Let’s start off by saying we at Total Produce have been full of admiration for the way you in the hospitality industry have worked through a minefield of constantly changing restrictions this year. Well done! We know it has been extremely hard.

Your resilience can only be admired! December will look somewhat different from previous years but please allow us to separate the mistletoe from the holly in order to give you the very best and worst of what the final month of the year has to offer.

The Total Produce Market Report November 2020

Seasonally speaking, November can be a bit “as you were” from last month with roots and brassicas firmly embedded on many Autumnal menus. This may be the case but there is still a delightful profusion of offerings to keep the seasonal vibes running through any menu adjustments.

Two key things to look out for this month are the transition on to Southern Hemisphere fruit and a full changing of the guard in the salad world.

The Total Produce Market Report October 2020

It’s time for Halloween so Pumkins and Squashes are aplenty. October truly is the month of hearty earth warming cuisine. The type of dishes you enjoy after a long autumnal walk with your cheeks having a rasping glow shimmering off them.

The Total Produce Market Report September 2020

New season Belgium Conference Pears have started. It may be worth mentioning that Conference Pears are a harder fruit. Store at room temperature but do not wait until the product is too soft as the flesh wil have a woody texture.

The Total Produce Market Report August 2020

English Plums are now available and will be with us throughout August! We should also see Victoria’s Plum next month. With availability low on European stone fruit this year we have seen prices rising daily for Peaches, Nectarines, and Apricots, still taste fantastic and well worth paying that little bit extra!

The Total Produce Market Report July 2020

New arrival this month is the English Cherry. The amount of flavour and Juice you get from these small fruits is just incredible! Make sure you try out this local gem of a stone fruit whilst you can.

Plenty of Lemon and Lime available at the moment which is probably due to the Pubs and restaurants still being shut.

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