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The Total Produce Market Report September 2020

New season Belgium Conference Pears have started. It may be worth mentioning that Conference Pears are a harder fruit. Store at room temperature but do not wait until the product is too soft as the flesh wil have a woody texture.

The Total Produce Market Report August 2020

English Plums are now available and will be with us throughout August! We should also see Victoria’s Plum next month. With availability low on European stone fruit this year we have seen prices rising daily for Peaches, Nectarines, and Apricots, still taste fantastic and well worth paying that little bit extra!

The Total Produce Market Report July 2020

New arrival this month is the English Cherry. The amount of flavour and Juice you get from these small fruits is just incredible! Make sure you try out this local gem of a stone fruit whilst you can.

Plenty of Lemon and Lime available at the moment which is probably due to the Pubs and restaurants still being shut.

The Total Produce Market Report June 2020

Summer is here!

Home-grown Iceberg, Little Gem, Cos and varieties of ‘fancy’ lettuce are now available, all of which are excellent quality.

All varieties of melons will be Spanish: Cantaloupe, Galia, Water, Honeydew and Piel de Sapo.

The Total Produce Market Report May 2020

Ever popular Conference Pears are at the end of their season, to be followed by Packham and William varieties.

South American Satsumas are superb quality at the moment - a must-have for any fruit basket. Raspberries are becoming more difficult to find good quality until the English start at the end of the Month. This will then be followed by Blueberries later in June.

The Total Produce Market Report March 2020

The only word we can think of that describes February 2020 perfectly is wet. Storm Ciara and storm Dennis have hit the country hard this month which will have an impact on local crops going forward.

The Total Produce Market Report February 2020

We finally say goodbye to January, the month that seems to go on forever and hello to February which is the shortest month of the year! It's also time to think about your Valentine’s day menus if you haven’t already.

The Total Produce Market Report January 2020

First off we would like to wish all our customers a Happy New Year and a big thank you for your custom throughout 2019. We are truly grateful and consider it an absolute privilege to supply fresh produce and foodservice products to every one of you. January can be the ideal month to add a bit of freshness and zing into your menu planning with some iconic delights heading down the seasonal highway.

The Total Produce Market Report December 2019

With most of the Christmas menus up and running already we will keep this month's market report short and sweet.

The Total Produce Market Report November 2019

With Spanish Satsuma and Lemons already available it has given us a taste of what’s to come over the next month and we cannot wait for more! Spanish Orange is just around the corner along with Spanish Clems, this will guarantee us fantastic quality at a great price throughout November.

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