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The Total Produce Market Report May 2019

Three Cheers for U.K. Produce…

Summer is starting to dance towards us faster so let’s celebrate all the wonderful U.K produce.

There is an absolute Aladdin’s cave of produce with the phrase ‘Bang in season’ written all over it. Let’s get those Seasonal Menus packed with the flavour of May!!

The Total Produce Market Report April 2019

In April we will see the return of English Strawberries (hallelujah!) These tasty fruits will first arrive in small punnets as availability will be low and prices will start high, once the season really kicks in we will see prices drop and availability increase.

We are still a few months away from seeing the first European Melons arrive on our markets, until then we are sticking to the trusty Southern Hemisphere melons!

The Total Produce Market Report March 2019

After the hottest February since records begun we can all start looking forward to some early spring produce arriving onto our Fruit Markets.

The Total Produce Market Report February 2019

Finally, dull January is out the way and we can look forward to some busier months ahead and we have Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Unfortunately, the cold nights and frosty mornings may make it a difficult month. Here’s a quick update on the Fruit and Veg world!

The Total Produce Market Report January 2019

The calm after the storm… Hope you all had a great Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year From everyone at Total Produce.

The Total Produce Market Report December 2018

Christmas is on our doorstep, time to get some sprouts on your plate!

The Total Produce Market Report November 2018

Brassicas are now at their best. Great value and full of flavour to add to your plate.

The Total Produce Market Report October 2018

New season bakers and main crop potatoes are now available following a short period of poor quality old season product, however, prices will rise!

The Total Produce Market Report September 2018

This next year is going to be a tough year for the potato lovers, any graded potato will demand high prices.

The Total Produce Market Report JULY 2018

Coloured cauliflower is now making an appearance along with new season purple sprouting, rainbow chard and black kale.

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